It’s certainly difficult to imagine life without mobile phones. Yet up until quite recently, it wasn’t just possible to live without your mobile, there was actually no choice in the matter, given that most people didn’t have a mobile, ownership being restricted to an elite! In today’s world, is it still possible to imagine a life without mobile phones?

How did we manage before?

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We’ve not only got used to being able to telephone no matter where we are, whenever we want or need to, but, the more technology advances, the more versatile our telephones have become. They have become an integral part of many aspects of our daily lives: with them we can find our way, thanks to their built-in GPS, play poker or shop online, watch a film or keep abreast of current affairs… Before, we just had to make sure we didn’t travel without a road or street map, we arranged poker evenings at home, we used the office or home telephone to place orders for our purchases and we watched films and the news on television!

The now generation

With the widespread use of mobile phones, a ‘now culture’ has slowly begun to develop: we’re now so used to getting everything we want in the blink of an eye that we barely have the patience to plan our journeys ahead when we’re going somewhere or to flick through a directory to find a contact’s address! Our mobile phones have become amongst our most important helpers and allies, making it all the more important that we take care of them, for example, by protecting them with the help of a SONY leather phone case (for more information, go to Noreve, an online store stocking mobile phone cases: click here to find out more).